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In the 1970s, it took a Finnish stubbornness to embark on a journey to Libya, bathed in oil wealth under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi, to build an educational complex. In a short time, one such institution was erected in Tripoli, led by the author of this book, construction engineer Ensio Koliseva, who served as both director and project manager. Follow with interest how Finnish construction export took its first steps in the midst of challenges, overcoming them only with determined perseverance and Finnish resilience.But that's not all. In 1980, a Finnish stubbornness took a turn to Baghdad, Iraq. Finnish construction export was highly sought after in Iraq at that time, until the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War in 1980 silenced the markets. With Finnish stubbornness, an exit from the country was eventually achieved.Afterward, construction export continued to Liberia, where Finnish contracting persisted for several years in the aftermath of a coup. The Finnish stubbornness gained a recharge here, gearing up for new challenges.Get now an interesting read at an affordable price for the darkening autumn evenings, as a Father's Day gift, a holiday party read, or even for Santa's sack. The book is now available as a cost-effective e-book, in both PDF format compatible with all computers and an ePub version suitable for most e-book reading software and devices. Priced at only €18.90, order and pay at the online bookstore www.netbook.fi, and you'll have the book at your fingertips immediately.The book was previously released under the title 'Our Family's Business Trips to Libya, Iraq, and Liberia.' It is still available at the online bookstore www.netbook.fi for €39. Place your order online and receive the book as an affordable shipment to the nearest parcel locker.